Monday, February 11, 2013

Diamond Style Fashion & Skin Show

Hello again!

I still have a bit of time before my first rehearsal of the next fashion show I will be walking the runway in, so I thought I would try to get this posted while I have the time. I apologize if it seems a bit rushed. The Diamond Style Fashion & Skin Show, produced by Dallas Modeling Corporation (DMC) had been scheduled for January 18th in Second Life but due to a very hard sim crash it was postponed until the 23rd. I walked 5 times in the Diamond Style Fashion & Skin Show so I have 4 outfits to show you. I'd also like to apologize for not having any snapshots of the Diamond Style Skin Doris Sunkissed Make up 01 from my first walk in the show.

Diamond Style came into being in Second Life in September of 2012 when the curators of Glamour Style and Diamond Avatar merged thier businesses into one. The store is located here:  and the link for the blog is

 If it seems a bit odd that I speak of myself in third person, the descriptions I have used are the ones I wrote for the show. It isn't uncommon for Second Life models to be required to write their own descriptions for the creations they model.

Susanne Short

Phedre really shines in this casual ensemble. You can too! A daringly low cut scoop necked silk blouse in copper, gold lame shorts and a luxurious leopard patterned fur bolero style jacket edged with contrasting fur at the neck and sleeves, this outfit really stands out in a crowd. Topped by a jaunty hat trimmed with the same luxurious leopard patterned fur, the Susanne look is complimented with woolen stockings, calf high boots, gloves and a handbag. Perfect for a day on the town or a night out clubbing!


Reminiscent of the elegance and grace of the 1950s this eloquent cocktail dress is called Ambra, a style perfectly suited to Phedre's tastes. The bodice is intricately embroidered in a paisley pattern along the modestly v-cut necklined bodice and echoed in the pearl beaded skirt. Snug fitting sleeves left open up the inseam are edged in a delicate lace. The matching embroidered handbag and hat complete this scrumptious ensemble.


Awash in moonlight, Phedre appears to float in this asymmetrically necklined gown with its effervescent floral pattern. The plunging open backed bodice presents an enticing display to the eyes. Flowing sleeves and a fluid skirt make the Loren evening gown an elegant addition to any wardrobe.

Lidia Pink

Giddy as a debutante, Phedre presents an alluring yet demure countenance in the strapless Lidia gown with its sweatheart neckline and lightly ruched glistening bodice. Floating tiers of ruffles cascade to the floor from the dramatic symmetrically dropped waistline. Matching opera length gloves complete this softly hued enchanting confection.

I really enjoyed modeling these lovely gowns and outfits for Diamond Style. It had been my intention for the Diamond Style Fashion & Skin Show to be my re-debute back into the world of vitrual worlds fashion. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. However! It was my re-debute back into the world of Second Life fashion! Once again, all is well that ends well!

Oh! Before I forget here is a link for a short video of the fashion show for you to enjoy!

Onwards and upwards!


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