Friday, October 26, 2012

A Little Catching Up

Hi folks! I've been neglecting my blog as of late, mainly because I have been so busy I haven't really had time to post anything. So... I will be playing catch up for a while.

The good news is I did graduate from UCWS on October 5, 2012 and won a "scholarship" for advanced classes by making Best Blogger. Here's a copy of my "certificate" and my scores. Yes, I'm posting my scores. I'm rather proud of them!

Scores based on 1-10.
Styling Formation-  10
Poses- 9.5
Creativity in Styling-10
Description- 10
Following Instructions-10
Blog Post-10
Pictures in Blog Post- 10
Body and Shape- 10
Skin- 10
Final Grade: -----------------89.5/90 = 99% = High Pass!
Comments: Gorgeous fall outfit! You followed my instructions perfectly in your fall styling. One or two hands went into your sweater but mesh isn't always helpful with our poses, and then again your rl hands would probably fall into sweater somehow :)
It's no problem if we don't hit the dot exactly due to lag, the most important lesson is to pose where you land so it's not noticeable to the audience and you did just that.
Your blog is awesome. I like how you incorporated yourself in your pictures and the post was nice to read as well. Great job!
Yay \o/ me! *grins*

I'll be working on putting things together to show you some of the stylings I have done in the past few weeks so stay tuned!


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