Thursday, September 20, 2012

Styling the Black Swan

Just finished the Black Swan Ballet styling event. I didn't place. In my opinion I totally bombed, mainly because I messed up on my dances. Silly nervous fingers didn't shut off the timer. lol

I did get some very good constructive criticism from our Judge of the Day Ms Vicky Yongbo and I thank you for that. It will go a long way towards helping in the next styling event. :o)

Now, on to the winners. First Place went to Ms Liberty Lighthouse, Second Place was Ms Liv Frentis (go Liv!) and Third Place went to Ms Janet Brink. I'm very proud of Liv today. She is one of my classmates and this was her first styling. All that hard work definately paid off!

A photo of today's winners:

Black Swan Ballet Sytling Winners
Photo Courtesy of CWS

And just for the giggles here are a few photos of my styling of Odile, the Black Swan. All photography was done by myself. I hope you like them!

Thank you for reading my blog. See you all next time!


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